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Contractor Continuing Education

Oregon law requires all licensed contractors to complete ongoing continuing education. This law requires all contractors licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) to complete courses according to their contractor status.

Residential Construction

Unless exempt, all residential contractors need the following continuing education every two year license period:

3 hours of CCB laws, regulations and business practices class PLUS

5 hours of other approved courses you have been licensed by the CCB six or more years OR

13 hours of other approved courses if you have been licensed by the CCB less than six years.


Commercial Construction

Education requirements for commercial contractors are based on their Level 1 or Level 2 status. You must meet these educational requirements every two years. When you renew your license, you will be asked to certify that you did so, and the CCB may audit your records.

If audited, the CCB sends a letter requesting certain information. For Level 1 contractors, this includes the number of key employees at the business specified on the last renewal.

2 commercial general  or specialty contractors need: 32 hours of education completed by key employees.​

Level 1 commercial general or specialty contractors need: (Based on key employees specified on the last renewal)

    • 5 or more key employees: 80 hours
    • 4 key employees: 64 hours
    • 3 key employees: 48 hours
    • 2 key employees: 32 hours
    • 1 key employee: 16 hours

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CCB Pre-licensing Classes

Fulfill the state requirements for 16 hours of training prior to taking the test required for licensure. Contact OHBA to get started on the workbook.